029 Nattkröken

This is Julius as our anti hero ”Nattkröken”.
Nattkröken appears after about 3 beers and is the 
guardian of all outcasts in the world.
Nattkröken is a Swedish word/name that can either mean to drink liquor at night or like in this case where we have made the last drink into an anti Hero.
Julius is sort of like a real hero himself. He has always walked his own path and he is the most stubborn and driven person I know. If you want to get rich some day owning a highly valued piece of art, you should buy 
some of Julius art today. He will be famous!

028 Children Of Decay

You can say that vultures are just like punks.
They will push through this dark period of our history and rise from the ashes, feeding on noodles and falafels to the soundstrack of our revolution.

027 Highly Flammable

Enough is enough!
This is Em & Trine!
Two wonderful friends to whom I want to dedicate this feminist design, but also to all the strong sisters out there in the world.
These are exciting times in our society. Women from all kinds of walks of life are rising up, supporting each other and showing strongly that they have had enough of sexual assault of any kind. We are writing history right now with the #Metoo movement. Hell yeah!
Handprinted in our headquarter. 
There can be small imperfections in the prints but that's all part of it.

026 Hellbound

Who doesn't like strong women??
It´s the female hyenas that leads the herd. 
Cool and good looking predators for the win!

025 Heading For Hell

Luckily enough, this design is not a portrait of a friend of mine.
But like most people we like skulls and thought that they were lacking in our designs.
This print is true punk all the way! Handprinted in our headquarters. 
There can be small imperfections in the prints but that's all part of it.

024 Nuestra Lucha

This is my friend Bruno with her grandmother Sonia and her son Bastian. Ever since I got to know Bruno she has always told me stories about her grandmother Sonia who was in the resistance against Pinochet in Chile.
One of the stories told was about Sonia and her friends who snuck out at night to paint the house facades with anti Pinochet propaganda. Sonia was so good at whistling so she stood guard on the back of the truck to alert if the military was coming. Sonia was later arrested and tortured in Santiagos football stadium like so many others at this time.
This design is very current today in times when fascism is lurking around the corner. It is a dedication to all people who are fighting for such obvious things as human rights.

023 Stand Strong Stand Proud

A hard Pride boot in the face of all the lowlife homophobes!
This is one of Crime City Clothings designs featuring some of my oldest and dearest friends Joel, Billing and Karo.
They work relentlessly to better this world. A world where the LGBTQ people has the same rights as anybody else. Although we´ve come far, we´re not even halfway there. People across the world are being targeted for their sexuality, their gender and the colour of their skin everyday.
Stand Strong Stand Proud!

022 Atomic Fury

This is Patricia!
We got to know each other when i lived in Berlin, and Patricia and a few other Swedes came to visit. Patricia is like a steamroller, she’s one of the driving forces in Malmö´s punk scene, where she puts up and organises a lot of gigs. She plays drums in Beyond Pink and sings in Slöa knivar!

021 Moahawk Mayhem

This is Moa! 
We got to know each other at an adult blockade when i was seventeen. Back then, I was more scared of her then the riot police that showed up to beat the living crap out of us. Moa is as tough as she looks, she’s a fighter who follows her own path. She’s also a costume designer, DJ, and Copenhagens best bartender!

020 Veneficas Vindicta

This is Evelyn!
She lives in Berlin and is working as a 
performance artist all over the world and always has a lot of strange stories to tell from her travels. The craziest one was when she was flown from Berlin to Dubai to perform at a big wedding for a sultan. Apparently they had a big forest made of cakes. 
Veneficas Vindicta means the Revenge of the Witch.

019 Death Match

This is Andrea and Chema!
Two wild souls that love music and culture.
Andrea lives in Stockholm and Chema in London. What brings them together is their love of punk music.
What's kind of funny is how they became close friends after this design was made and it has now become a must for them to play wrestle each time we meet up and get drunk.
Since Andrea goes to many festivals and gigs all around Europe and Chema is on the road almost 364 days of the year doing gigs with one of his 15 different bands they see each other pretty often nowadays.

018 Crime City Clothing

This is a part of Kikki D Crew. It is a network of strong feminist women started by us in Malmö and has spread to other cities in Sweden and some other countries. There are many more of us than in this design, but it was difficult to fit us all in the same picture. The things that combine us except from our strong friendship is Kikki Danielsson, punk and beer!

017 Gold Dust Woman

This is my mum Rita!
She’s one of my biggest role models. I don’t know anyone else that has her fighting spirit. This design of her is from the 70s with her beetle. The fringe vest and flares are her own creation. It was mum who introduced me to Deep Purple!

016 Escape to Danger

This is my brother Johan!
When we were kids a day didn’t go by where we didn’t try to strangle each other and its lucky no one got hurt, which is good ´coz today he´s a very good friend. Johan is a true adventurer, if he´s not climbing a mountain, he´s sailing to Antarctica in a small boat. At this very moment he and his girlfriend Malin are sailing the seven seas and are not planing to be back in Sweden for three years! Their project is called Ran Sailing.

015 Rambler Gambler

This is my dad Berndth!
He´s a troubadour and the worlds best singer of Bellman, Joe Hill and other old songs.
This picture is taken in 1968 in his hometown of Linköping. He was part of a group of musicians who drove around the city center each year in a pickup truck, jamming and drinking beer. 
Each year there were a bunch of rascals shooting peas at them, that's why he decided to wear the gigantic shades to protect his eyes. He's the best at making pancakes and being a dad.

014 Johnny & Jonnie

This is Jojje and Danne!
They are joined at the hip, they drink beer, drive their mopeds around Malmö and listens to Kal P Dal, Johnny Thunders and Jonny Bode. Their alter egos are Johnny and Jonnie, they show up after about three pints. Danne has a “old ladies” dog called Johnny, and Jojje lives in a caravan!

010 Fist Fucker

This is Jeanette!
She´s probably the most brutal women ever on skates! This motif was created in her honor when she represented Sweden in the roller derby world cup in Toronto. She flew over to Toronto with a broken foot and against the doctors orders she taped her foot and played anyway. She wasn’t allowed to sell her merchandise with the others as her Roller derby name was too hardcore for the Canadians. The rumor of her name and designs spread like wildfire so she sold all her merchandise from the locker room instead!

001 Crime City Clothing - logo

Our logo inspired by Mexican graffiti.

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